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No tablet pc is away from a bad fall. Cracked screens or sunk shells are no rare things! Most touchscreen tablets are waterproof on the surface. However, a dangerously placed coffee cup could irreversibly damage the speakers, microphone, or camera of your beloved android tablet. It can also be crippling to not dare to use your tablet while it rains, near a lake or on a sandy beach. We offer you a wide selection of tablet pc accessories, slipcovers, windshield shells, and others protection shells, scratchproof screens… to get round daily life hazards. Safety comes first.

Then comes comfort! Tablet pcs are fine, modern-shaped, but also flat: besides all its esthetic assets, you cannot use your android tablet vertically as you would with a classical computer screen. Therefore, to avoid any wry-neck while reading an e-book or watching a movie, it is recommended to use a stand. Offering many view angles and an improved stability, tablets stands are also stylish tablet accessories, with advanced designs. Then, we offer a wide selection of USB connectors, micro-USB, HDMI cables, adaptors, headphones, stylus… for you to replace your own damaged or lost ones.

What are the major threats for my tablet pc?

Chinese tablet pcs are high-tech jewels and are not made to deal with physical impacts. Although each manufacturer guarantees a resistance threshold for the materials employed in the tablet pc, these can only be applied during a “safe” use of the product. In other words, use at home, at the office, or in a vehicle. Therefore, one has to prevent himself against the risks linked to the shifting of his tablet and hazardous factors: rushes in public transports, a kid mistaking your tablet for a Frisbee… Add to these impact-related risks all the natural wears and tears that come with a regular use of the device. Scratches and imperfections are common on shells and screens, but they can be avoided. And then, not as recognized but nevertheless factual, the weather can also be a threat. Summer showers will quickly turn a forgotten tablet into a useless device! Good cases and good slipcovers should not be neglected.

What kind of impacts can a protected android tablet pc endure?

Some reinforced rubber shells can protect tablets against falls up to four meters of height (results from studies in laboratories). Most of the cases will protect your tablet from “common” falls, from a desk, a shell… Of course, these cover won’t guarantee the full protection of your cheap tablet pc but they considerably decrease damage risks.

Can we increase the quality of USB cable generally supplied with tablets pcs?

Yes we can. Computers are equipped with USB 2.0 and/or USB 3.0 slots, allowing faster or more secure data transfers. For adapted android tablets, USB 2.0/USB 3.0 cables are necessary investments. By way of comparison, USB 2.0 cables conveys data at a 60 MB/s rate and USB 3.0 cables at a 600 MB/s rate, which is ten times faster. That is a significant time advantage.

Why should I add a screen protector to my tablet?

Some screen protective films have a scratchproof layer but also an anti-curious-eyes layer… Using your tablet in public to answer a private mail will no longer be a problem. Safety films also play the role of a non-reflecting layer and help softening the excessive screen luminosity of some tablets. Moreover a protection screen may be chosen based on its texture: softer or more scarred, everyone should be satisfied.

Will I find a case or a slipcover the exact same size as my Chinese tablet’s?

Yes you will. There are loads of shapes and sizes of touchscreen cheap tablets, and as many shapes of protection covers.

A slipcover AND a screen protector… isn’t it bulky?

Contrary to what one may think, slipcovers for touchscreen tablets do not have to be thick to be efficient. Safety films are rarely thicker than a sheet of paper. The size of a protected tablet is therefore only slightly different from the size of a non-protected one.

Are there any accessories for home?

Yes there are. Most of touchscreen tablet covers have foldaway shells. A lot of models exist: retro-jean style supports, futuristic black supports, you’ll always manage to find one that suits your home furniture. Besides those portable stands, you may also find actual small furniture dedicated to your tablet pc.
Moreover, you can turn your touchscreen android tablet into a Hi-Fi system for parties at home thanks to modular speakers, available for every model. For HDMI plug-equipped tablets, you can find projectors as well, to make your tablet the base for a Home Cinema. Please find the fitted cables in our catalog.

How to choose headphones?

There are various types of earphones: earpieces, more widely spread and with great comfort, intra-auricular, with better soundproofing, and also headphones for a complete immersion. Earphones quality varies from one brand to another and has to be chosen regarding the function it is destined to: radio, sport, DJ… Some models can also adapt their shape to the user and become more comfortable this way.

Are there any tablet pc support stand for vehicles?

Yes there are. Touchscreen tablets can be used as GPS. You may find windshield stands, with suction pad or mechanical fastening, to let you place your tablet easily, just like a real GPS. These supports are of course portable and maximized to limit eyesight constraint.

How to choose the length of supply cables?

We recommend short cables over long cables to limit energy dissipation. Apart from this physical phenomenon, the length of your cables will not influence its efficiency. You may choose cables of any length for your tablet.

How do you say « accessory » in Chinese?

It is written: 配件 (peijian). And literally means: fitted tool.

Where can I buy tablet pc accessories for my touchscreen tablet?

You may find all of our products in the “Tablet accessories” category of our website.


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