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The arrival of the android TV box is now a reality, and after having invaded the tablet pc and smartphones, the famous Google OS arrives now in your living room and take possession of your TV. You will now have all the features of android from your remote control. You can, of course, connect wireless keyboard and wireless mouse for a better navigation experience. In order to use such a system, nothing really difficult you simply plug an Android TV dongle, it's a mini android TV box that plugs directly into the HDMI plug. You have understood, the image quality is awesome because the OS appears in HD on your TV.

The size of these android TV box doesn’t affect their power, Dual core or Quad core CPU you can make your choice among our many models. Google dongles connect the Internet via RJ45 network cable or through their integrated Wifi module. Just as on tablet pc, you can therefore install applications from Google Play Store and launch them on your TV. No need of game consoles, thousands of games available on the Google Play Store will allow you to transform this small box in real game console. Its size will also allow you to save space. You can of course read full HD 1080p videos or view video streaming from your favorite websites.

Therefore, the android TV dongles comes in power and brings a multimedia touch to our televisions that are beginning to be dethroned by the internet and internet streaming sites. The Google TV box gives your TV a second youth. This unit acts as a personal computer, graphics card, RAM, processor, usb port, memory card... everything is included. It is a real computer housed in a box about the size of a USB key.

Some remote controls of Google TV dongle act as the Wii controllers, that you simply point the remote to the box and move it to move the cursor, a real child's play. So, we can safely, assert that the connected TV is the future of television. You can take that step and make your television smart, opting for a box or an android TV dongle. Installation is simple and fast and you can use the operating system in less than 5 minutes.

If you have any questions about these Google boxes for your TV, please feel free to ask for advice.

Discover all our Box Android TV and Google TV dongles. Small, powerful and affordable, connect your TV at a lower cost.


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