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7 inch Tablet PC There are 225 products.

7 inch Tablet PC

About the category 7 inch Tablet PC

7 inch tablet pc is more mobile. Indeed, due to their small size and light weight, 7 inch tablet pcs are more easily transportable. It will be very easy for example to carry your tablet in your backpack or in your handbag. If you want to read books (ebook) nothing easier than to turn on your 7 inch android tablet pc and read in public transportation. Despite their size, these tablet pcs contain a powerful configuration that allows you to do whatever you want, play 3D games, surf the internet, watch 1080p HD videos, listen to music, word processing, note taking etc ...

Our 7 inch android tablet pc has for most of them a microSD memory card port which makes it possible to extend the internal memory. Indeed, the low capacity of the hard disk might sometimes limit geek and experienced users. Mémory card port on the tablet pc solves this problem and you may store up to 32GB more data such as pictures, video, mp3, e-book ... You can carry your entire media library in this new digital device. Do not forget the invisible modules such as Bluetooth. Transmitting data wirelessly with other devices is easy. For example, you can easily transfer files to your phone and vice versa. Or, you can listen to music on your Bluetooth wireless speaker.

A wide range of tablet is available on ChiniStore and a filter is at your disposal to refine your search. We also pay attention to design, which is why we select ultra trendy products of various colors to satisfy your creative spirit. All tablets are tested and re-tested before each shipment to ensure you receive a product without any defects. However, our team is available to answer your questions and assist you in choosing your ideal tablet. Do not hesitate to contact us!

What is a Chinese tablet PC ?

First of all, we have to define what concepts are hiding behind the words tablet PC, touchscreen tablet, and in general, all the by-products of a tablet. More generally and simply, we could say that this digital tool is right between Smartphones and laptops and its functioning can be compared to that of a common computer. That is to say it relies on an Operating System (Android for example) that allows the use of applications.

What Tablet pc sizes are available on the market ?

The reading tablets market offers many options concerning the size. We usually find 5 to 10 inches screens; this figure represents the diagonal length of the screen. However, some models can be up to 12 inches. To have a better idea of what these measures represent, let’s think about our TV screens (LCD, Plasma…): these are at least 60 inches screens. As you can see, a tablet pc is really small. 7 inches tablets afford the best handling abilities. Moreover, 7 inches tablets, alongside with 8 inch tablet pcs are the most successful ones on the market.

Can I see something with their screen ?

That’s a quite relevant issue… No need to worry, you will be able to read everything that shows up on your tablet screen. Indeed, the makers have taken into account this miniaturization and genuinely dealt with this problem. Some Chinese tablets PC feature retina screens (retina display), which offers an unmatched reading comfort. Of course, the display quality you’ll get will change with the brand but also and more directly with your budget.

What is the purpose of a tablet PC ?

You can do almost everything with a tablet PC, with more or less complexity. That is to say, you can listen to music, watch movies (a theater in your pocket…), take pictures and edit them, and all that in a very simple way. As all the tablets are equipped with WIFI technology, you also get the possibility to connect your device to a wireless network and enjoy the web. Therefore you’ll always be connected. Receiving, reading and writing emails, staying active on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter… won’t be an issue. You also can chat and start video conferences anytime, anywhere. Moreover, if you feel like it, you can sign a contract with a phone carrier to get access to 3G or 4G networks (depending on the company and the chosen contract.) Currently, these mobile networks are very well expanded. Hence, you’ll be reachable no matter where you are.

What are the assets of it ?

A 7 inches Chinese tablet pc has two main assets: its size and its weight. Indeed, 7 inches roughly represent the length of a banana and its weight is around 500 grams, which is really nothing. Moreover, tablets being extremely slim, you can take yours with you everywhere and travel light. These criteria make 7 inches tablet very convenient for children.

What’s the price of a Android tablet PC ?

Another asset of a tablet is its price: 7 inches tablet pcs are not expensive. To find the better offer, please use a comparative website for tablets; there are plenty of these websites and this is the best way to get a global idea of the market tendencies. You’ll find out quite quickly that buying a tablet won’t hurt your budget.

How do I choose the best one ?

Keeping in mind that the High Tech field is in permanent and quick evolution, the best tablet today may not be the best tablet tomorrow. That is why we highly recommend you to buy a Chinese tablet to benefit from the same quality services you would get with a famous brand tablet but at a lower price.

How may I customize my tablet PC ?

Do you wish your tablet to reflect your personality, your tastes, and your way of life? Well, it is no big deal as a lot of accessories are available. You can for example choose a cover for your tablet within a large choice of models to add your own stylistic touch while protecting your device. Indeed, you will be offered a large choice of designs, colors, patterns… and will without a doubt find the shell that best suits your personality. Don’t forget about slipcovers to merge protection and style, and rotary supports for improved visual comfort.

What accessories may I buy ?

Now speaking from a practical point of view, it may be interesting to link a physical keyboard to your tablet pc via a USB port. You also may use speakers to enjoy your music at a higher volume and with better sound quality. Suck pad supports may help you turn your tablet into a GPS or into a DVD player for your passengers in a vehicle. You will find full of tablet pc accessories on ChiniStore.


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