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8 inch Tablet PC There are 187 products.

8 inch Tablet PC

About the category 8 inch Tablet PC

8 inch tablet pcs prove to be the perfect sized screens between seven and ten inches. In fact, neither too small nor too large, 8 inch tablet pc can sneak into your purse or in your backpack. With this screen size, you can easily watch videos (all video formats are supported) comfortably lied on your couch or in your bed. Our android tablet pcs are selected with the utmost care by our technical team. When you buy on ChiniStore, you get a guarantee of quality, you can be sure to buy safely. The products are tested, performance test, durability test, crash test ... only tablets that successfully pass the tests are selected.

So you are certain to buy a product without fault and with a very affordable price. Because the price is also the argument of our flagship store, we want to make this technology accessible to the entire population and we would like to see tablet pcs in all households.

8 inch android tablet pc is equipped with good features that meet all your uses, such as email reading or post on your favorite social networks. In fact, you just simply ,need to install applications such as facebook, twitter ... to quickly take advantage of all the features offered by the tablet pc. You can choose from dozens of models on ChiniStore. The search can be refined using the filter at the top of the category page, processor, wireless module, Bluetooth module, GPS ... You easily find the tablet that best suits your needs.

All these tablets have different characteristics and different designs. If you do not know which model to choose, you can seek help from our customer service will be happy to answer you.

The tablets PC currently represent the highest sales in the High Tech field. They are suited for everyone, regardless of their age. The demand concerning tablets on the international market has been ever increasing for the last decade. This situation has tablet pc makers at war. Among them, Japanese, American, European and Chinese brands are best known. Users also react to this invasion of tablets on the market by changing their habits: they are willing to inform themselves on specialized websites for tablets, such as comparative websites. The price factor is the most influent one in the users’ eyes. Indeed, Chinese tablets are standing their own in the battlefield and haven’t got anything to be shy about.

The advantages of buying a tablet PC

The first asset one may point out when buying a Chinese tablet is that you will be saving a significant amount of money. Therefore you will be able to buy a newer device, with updated applications the same year you bought your old tablet. The components of cheaper tablets are of increasing quality and efficiency despite the overall low price of the device.
These non-expensive 3G tablets are also known for the quality of their applications and software which are numerous and frequently updated.

Where to find cheap tablet pcs?

ChiniStore is the specialized website in Android tablet sales. Other websites such as forums or blogs will keep you informed about these new technological devices. Of course, you may reach us if you have any question.

What shall I be cautious about before buying a reading tablet pc on ChiniStore?

If you want to buy a tablet on ChiniStore, there is no fear to have:

  • We are extremely demanding when it comes to buying a product. A detailed bill will be provided, along with information concerning the maker and the tablet pc scale.

  • The warranty is also a non-negligible aspect. That’s why we offer a one-year warranty for most of our products.

  • Firmwares quality is something you should care about, because a Chinese tablet PC equipped with quality firmwares will not only insure the security of a tablet against viruses but also and most importantly, your own security and that of your personal data. Our tablets are equipped with the latest firmwares available to warrant optimum comfort.

What are the biggest Chinese brands?

Not very well publicized abroad, these Chinese tablet brands are nonetheless quality brands: Cube, Onda, Ainol…

How do I choose a non-expensive Chinese tablet?

The main concern when it comes to choosing a tablet will be your budget. The price criterion is therefore an important one. You fix your price gap based on your budget and then select the products that fit in. However, one has to admit there are bad quality Chinese tablets.

Why shall I choose an 8 inches tablet?

Most of the people choose 8 inches tablet pc. Some experts even recommend this screen size. Why? 8 inches is the perfect compromise regarding weight and performances. 8 inches tablets generally fit in the center of high quality tablets. They are also very carry-friendly as they fit perfectly in handbags and weigh no more than 700g. 8 inches screens also match 10 inch tablet pc in terms of performances.

What websites shall I visit to buy a Chinese tablet?

ChiniStore is the very best website for Chinese brand tablet pc sales. It has been recommended by many sellers but also many satisfied customers. The website’s security is well known and services are efficient. Moreover you can find an English version of it. Therefore, there will be no misunderstanding while you choose your products concerning the terms.


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