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About the category Chinese Tablet PC

More powerful than small computers and with wider screens than Smartphones’, android tablet pcs have become today unavoidable tools. Staying in touch with your entourage through social networks, organizing your week with an interactive datebook, or having fun watching a movie, all of this and more is at a finger’s reach. Tablet pc are actual windows opened on the world, and allow everyone’s thriving. Chinese tablets pcs stand out from competition thanks to their accessibility and the lightness of their efficient operating system. Another asset of Chinese tablet pcs will be the diversity of styles and modules: there will be something in it for everybody.

In a few words, these are computerlike-powerful accessories with instinctive interfaces that can be immediately taken in hand. Don’t wait anymore and offer yourself as from now this technological jewel choosing from our rich selection of the very best android tablets on the Chinese market.

How does a tablet pc work?

Today’s tablet pcs use complex technologies to detect the location of your finger on the screen. That’s why you only need to touch the screen to select an application, to sweep it to turn the pages... The ergonomics of our Chinese tablet pcs is especially studied for a friendly use. Tablets work the same as Smartphones. Therefore, it relies on an operating system (such as Android) and the use of applications the user can install or remove at his convenience. Most of the apps are free.

Who can use android 3G tablet pcs?

Everybody all included. The comfort when using touchscreen tablets and their remarkable modularity make them learning and gaming stations for kids and IT secretary-advisors for the elders. Moreover, loads of recent applications in medical and engineering fields make them first class tools, accessible to all users.

A cheap yet efficient tablet, is that even possible?

Yes it is. Price differences can easily be explained: Chinese tablet pcs have to stand out in an ultra-competitive internal market; moreover, our manufacturers didn’t invest their time and money on advanced advertising campaigns. That deducts from the bill all the advertising fees that could be invested elsewhere when looking for pure quality and specifications. And when talking about the technologies involved, they are pretty similar to those you’ll find in better-known brands. The main difference resides in the interfaces. All the brands will offer more or less playful access to their applications. Low-cost tablet pc or cheap tablet pc doesn't mean bad quality!

Will I be able to play games available on Smartphones?

Yes you will. The operating systems that are installed on our tablets are the same as those installed on Smartphones. Tablets displaying a wider screen, the game experience is only maximized and improved as you dive deep into high quality graphics.

May I use my cheap tablet pc as a phone?

Yes you may. Even better than phones, android tablets are equipped with cameras that give you access to more than just classical phone calls: indeed, it is possible to make video-conferences through many applications, think Skype for example. Other apps can lead you to phone via internet: you’ll only have to be connected to a WIFI spot to call anyone, in any country, for free.

May I use my tablet as a camera?

Yes you may. All touchscreen tablets are equipped with a high definition camera, allowing you to immortalize and experience again your best memories.

What about video quality?

All our digital tablets allows HD display of movies, clips and other videos, of all formats (H264, Rmvb, Avi, mp4, Wmv…).

And for music?

Still in this same idea of versatility, our tablet pcs also possess mp3 players, able to read every single musical format (mp3, wav…).

I have a lot of files to store; will there be enough memory?

Storage capacity of touchscreen tablets may change form a model to another. However, all the tablets are equipped with SD slots, or micro SD, so you can add memory cards to your system. Therefore, it is possible to increase the storage capacity of your windows tablet.

How can tablets make my professional life easier?

Tablet pcs are favored communication tools. Moreover, their rich functionalities will turn them into mobile screens that can be used to show products under every possible angle to an amazed client in a few seconds. Notice that they are already widely used in restaurants as futuristic menus and order-platforms. The usefulness of touchscreen tablets in every trade is obvious this far.

How can tablet pcs help my kid in his studies?

Beyond games, educational tablets offer loads of educational applications. We may find among those applications interactive exercises to train one’s memory, review assistants… Nothing is better than having fun while learning!

Are these tablets dangerous for my health?

No they’re not. At regular use, these tablets are less dangerous than Smartphones and the WiFi waves they emit are lower than those produced by a computer. Therefore, there is no danger or whatsoever.

What’s the average weight of a windows tablet pc?

Tablet pcs weigh in at an average of 500 grams. Notice that Notebooks weigh in at an average of 1.5 Kgs, which is three times higher.

How do you say « tablet pc » in Chinese?

It is written: 平板电脑 (pin ban dian nao). And it literally means: flat model computer.

Where can I buy Chinese tablet pcs?

You may find all of our products in the associated category on our website. All the best Chinese brands are represented: Ainol, Sanei, Cube, Onda, Malata, Teclast…


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