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Android Smartphones and Chinese Mobile Phones There are 456 products.

About the category Android Smartphones and Chinese Mobile Phones

For almost three years now, Smartphones have flooded into our lives, altering our habits and our reflexes. Beyond that; have you ever entered a great restaurant only to be waiting for busy waiters? Your Smartphone can stand in for them, and provide you with all the comments left by the gourmands who passed by. Of course, let’s not forget about the main things: phone calls and text messaging. All Chinese Smartphones are resourceful when it comes to reliability, playfulness and quality. Everything is for the best. Voice can now be a tool. It allows you to activate all the functionalities of your Smartphone without having you touching your phone.

Absolute electronics jewels, new generation Smartphones combine the latest state of the art technologies: from high definition touch-sensitive screen with ultra-low response time, to motion sensors and powerful cameras… Chinese Smartphones are invading the market with a distinctive aim for quality, directly competing against the giants Samsung and Apple. Feel free to explore our wide array of Smartphones and allow yourself a faithful and indispensable companion.

« Smartphone »? Where does it come from?

Smartphones were first developed in the early 70s by phone industry giants. Phones with computer functionalities are not that new… From 1970 to today, the concept has never changed: more complete phones, with useful functionalities, on top of the classical phone call.The boundary between a classical phone and a Smartphone is easily traceable: a Smartphone is –simply put, a phone based on an computer-inspired Operating System. As far as operating systems are concerned, the biggest names are: Windows, Android and iOS. The Smartphone fever has inescapably struck China and today, China has its own quality brands.

I think I heard about “apps”… What’s that?

Applications are software specifically designed for Smartphones and have greatly contributed to the success of Smartphones. You can find applications on any topic one can imagine. Some can be practical, and others just crazy and off-the-wall. Thanks to these applications, you may want to schedule your week at work or plan a holiday trip to visit the pandas in ChengDu… Or you may kill time shooting at watermelons or slicing egg rolls…

How many Smartphone users are there in China?

This figure is estimated at around a hundred million and is still expected to grow fast for years to come. As for a base, there are today more than 1.5 billion Smartphone users around the globe. With the increasing popularity of social networks, which are mainly used by Smartphone owners, the development of the Chinese Smartphone Market announces a more connected, efficient and faster future.

A connected Smartphone?

All Smartphones are equipped with an Internet access, thanks to 3G modules, 4G or embedded WiFi cards. Your Internet speed connection will nevertheless depend on the nature of your subscription.

Can my chinese Smartphone interact with other devices?

Yes, it can.And that is one of its main strengths: interactivity. Not only is this a human – device interactivity, but also a device-device one.Indeed, besides all the aforementioned applications that were designed for individuals, Chinese Smartphones offer today more and more functionalities designed for housing: home automation relies a lot on Smartphones platforms. Have you forgotten to turn off a light at home in London while on a trip to Hong Kong? Turning it off using your Smartphone will soon be reachable. The Smartphone – Home automation combo has already been released for specific applications with equipped devices. We really are waiting for a boom in this new technology. Be there with us!

Can I use my Smartphone to make video calls?

Yes. Chinese Smartphones are equipped with front and back cameras (depending on the device) and so allows you to make video calls, or visio-conferences. There’s nothing like seeing your interlocutor in addition to hearing his voice!

What about the video quality?

Chinese Smartphones offer a high definition screen and accept most video formats currently seen on the market (H264, MP4, MPEG…).

And can Chinese smartphone play music?

The MP3 sales have been waning ever since the global recognition for Smartphones began. And this is partly because Smartphones are as – if not more, ergonomic as MP3 players and have higher storage capacity.Sound quality is also respected. Let’s highlight here that Chinese Smartphones offer top notch sound performances. Why be weighed down by an MP3 when you can have a multi-task Smartphone?

What is the average lifespan of a Chinese Smartphone?

The average lifespan of a Chinese Smartphone is the same as that of a Smartphone from leading companies, that is to say, two and a half years. I lost my way in the streets of Beijing, and I can’t speak a word of Chinese… What shall I do? No need to worry. Every Smartphone is equipped with a GPS system. Wherever you are, your Smartphone will act like a compass, a map, all at the same time, to help you find your path. Localization functions don’t stop here and also allow you to quickly find touristic spots, train station, banks… Your Chinese Smartphone is a pocket guide !

Chinese Smartphone… in Chinese?

Every Chinese Smartphone can be configured in English (and more than 70 languages, depending on the device). An application to trace Chinese ideograms is setup by default, as a supplement for the classical software that allows the user to transcribe phonetics to Chinese characters. Of course, this feature cannot be found in Western stores where standards are different. In other words, Chinese Smartphone has this little asset that will allow the most curious to learn Chinese on their Smartphone, with adequate applications. Moreover, our staff will see to configure your phone in the appropriate language before delivery.

How much does a Smartphone weigh-in at?

The average weight for a Smartphone is around 3,52 and 5,29 oz. Knowing that a touchscreen tablet weighs in at around 17 oz and a notebook at more than 53 oz, Smartphones clearly are the most ergonomic of all new generation devices.

How do you say « Smartphone » in Chinese?

It is written :智能手机 (zhi neng shou ji). And literally means: intelligent mobile phone. Chinese smartphone, Smartphone chino, smartphone cinese, Smartphone chinês...

Where can I buy Chinese phones?

You’ll find all our products in the « Smartphones » section.


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