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Sending fees take into account packing, handling and posting fees. Price is variable and is fixed upon weight and destination of the package. We advise you to gather your purchase into one order. However, we cannot gather two distinct purchases and you will have to pay off shipping costs for each of these purchases. Your package is sent at your own expenses, a special care is provided to packages containing fragile products.

Our packages are prepared rigorously, wide-edged and protected.





EMS is an international carriers gathering. The carrier partner in France is Chronopost. The complete list of transporters by country is available here.
List of members EMS :



What carrier to choose?

Please follow this link: what transporter to choose?


What is the delivery time?

Shiping time with express transporters such as EMS, UPS and DHL are of five or six days, but can sometimes be up to ten days. However, since the monitoring of these three transporters is very accurate, there is nothing to worry about (cf. How to track my package online?)


Tracking: how to track my package?

See: How to track my package online?


What happens if I’m not home?

If you’re not at home, the mailman has to submit a notice in your letterbox. Careful here that is not always the case! The transporter may be unable to notify you for time or professionalism reasons or because your letterbox is not reachable (door code for example.) And sometimes, nobody will get in touch to notify you.

Please often check the monitoring of your package on the transporter’s website; if you were away, the information will be available on the monitoring. (cf. How to track my package online?) You may also fix an appointment, or at least, a delivery date by getting in touch with the transporter; make sure you have your tracking number before calling them. Otherwise, the package can be left at the office and you will be able to get it at any time.


What to do before signing a delivery slip?

Please notice that signing the delivery slip means “I received the intact package, and nothing was missing.” Indeed despite your good faith, it will be very hard to prove that the product has been damaged or that something was missing during the transport. If there was no hesitation while signing the delivery slip, it will be hard to return the goods or to claim missing products afterwards.

Therefore, before signing the delivery slip: please check the external aspect of the package. Even though the package looks good, you have the right to check the content of the package before signing.

If the delivery man refuses you to check the content or if the package is visibly damaged (holes, knocked surfaces…) just refuse the package. If the package is refused for broken or missing goods, please write the reasons on the delivery slip. Then, contact us at sc[at]


Damaged package: how to fill a claim and how to send a complaint?

For DHL (France). For other countries, please refer to DHL’s website. All complaints have to be hand-written and submitted to DHL within 30 days from DHL sending approval date, otherwise, DHL’s responsibility will not be involved. DHL’s address is available on the website. For more information, please contact them by phone.

For UPS (France).For other countries, please refer to DHL’s website. You have 14 days after delivery date to send a complaint letter.

For EMS (France), you will have to address a complaint to Chronopost. For other countries, you’ll have to follow the general conditions of your country’s postal services (cf. The Carriers) You then have the possibility to address a written complaint to the Chronopost’s Customer Service, within 21 days after delivery date.

In each case, you’ll also have to send a mail at sc[at] with pictures if you’re complaining about broken goods (details showing the damaged parts, picture of the package, picture of the package with the delivery slip, different angles) and give us your dispute or complaint number.


Customs, how to pay custom fees/taxes?

In most cases, you’ll have to pay off the fees at delivery time. As the delivery man usually doesn’t have change, it shall be convenient to give the exact money or pay by check. If you were away at delivery time (cf. What happens if I’m not home?), the package will be put at the office so fees will be paidoff directly at the office. In some cases, you may also receive a bill by mail. All the instructions to pay off the fees will be described in the mail.


My package has been ceased by the customs? What should I do?

Sometimes, it may occur that a package is stuck in the customs for a few days. No need to panic. Only patience works here. Indeed, depending on the number of packages they’re dealing with, customs clearance can be longer.But the transporter has to be contacted directly: EMS, DHL or UPS.

In most cases, if an invoice is missing, the information will be mentioned on the online monitoring (cf. How to track my package online?). You may also receive a mail listing every missing document but mailing services don’t usually give out this information. Therefore, it is better to track the package closely.

If you’re facing a blocking from a missing document, please contact us at sc[at]


Goods return: how to proceed?

Depending on the situation, you will only have to return the product (tablet PC for example) or the whole package with all the documents, the accessories and a copy of the invoice. In the case of a complete return, any missing element or any damaged product shall lead to arefund denial or an exchange denial. Therefore, please make sure the product is properly packed.

Return fees for the old product will be at your expenses; and we shall cover the delivery fees for the repaired or new product (only under the warranty terms).

In case of a retractation return (cf Article 11 - Warranty and Right of Retractation), all the fees (shipping and payment) will be at your charge.

How to proceed: first of all, you need to mail our after-sales service at sc[at] or via the contact form. Make sure you give us the number of your order, the concerned product and the reason of the return, for us to start any return procedure. Then in “My account” in the “Goods return” section, please fill out the return request and enter. Before sending your package back to us, we shall first approve the reasons of the return. After confirmation, the package has to be sent at the address we will specify. You may then monitor each step of the return procedure in the “My account” section. Please refer to our "Terms and condition of use".


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