VAT and Customs Clearance

The products being shipped from China, it is possible that the package clears through customs. As a buyer, you are responsible for the costs associated with your package. Therefore you will have to pay customs rights and the Value Added Tax (VAT) upon receipt of your package. Customs rights depend on the product type, a percentage is applied to the product which is designated by its TARIC code (European Integrated Community Tariff), you will find the percentage and the TARIC code in the TARIC section on the European Commission website.customs rights are calculated on the CIF value of the parcel (Cost Insurance and Freight, it includes the value of the product, insurance, if any, and freight cost) and VAT is calculated on the total, customs rights plus the CIF value.


  • Customs rights = rate in % * CIF Value
  • VAT  = VAT rate in % * (Customs rights + CIF Value)
  • Total fees = rights + VAT


Generally, these fees must be paid when the carrier brings you the package. We recommend that you check with the relevant institutions to know the exact charges of the destination country.


Find these conditions in the terms and condition of use of ChiniStore at Article 9, Customs Clearance.


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